Quality Control

Makani is committed to ensuring all our products are maintained in optimal conditions and comply with all specified standards set by the NSW Meat Industry Authority prior to delivery to our customers.

Our nationally accredited and certified processing systems are recognised as exemplars throughout Australia and we are at the cutting edge of technology and food safety with an AUS-Meat A+ rating.

Our stringent quality control practices have allowed us accreditation access international markets and our secure segregation systems for beef complies for Halal markets.

A complex series of factors must be considered in evaluating the quality of beef. These include firstly, tenderness, secondly, flavour, thirdly juiciness and fourthly, overall liking (texture, appearance).

An important factor that contributes to these benchmarks and to the predictability of eating quality is the way the cattle are managed on farm or in the feedlot prior to slaughter, particularly in the two weeks pre-slaughter and the first few hours post slaughter.






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Quality Control








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