Animal Welfare

Our beef is the envy of our competitors and the preferred choice of Australia’s major supermarket, food and restaurant chains for the following reasons:

- Our cattle reside on the same property for a minimum of 30 days prior to dispatch and are grazed or fed rations to that ensures good growth and health for this period.

- Our cattle are managed as a single mob prior to dispatch for slaughter.

- We do not consign any cattle with signs of stress.

- We do not consign cattle that have been sick or injured.

- Our cattle are processed within 48 hours from dispatch to slaughter.

- All cattle that are relocated, are rested for a minimum of 7 days before any further processing.

- We handle and muster our animals quietly to reduce stress.

- Our cattle to have ready access to water.

- We continue to provide our cattle with feed prior to the period required for preparation through cattle yards.

- We load our cattle quietly, preferably with limited or no use of goads or prodders.

- We load our cattle at the recommended densities set out in the trucking industry code of practice.





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Animal Welfare




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