Makani commenced operations in 1996 and is a proud 100% Australian-owned company.

At Makani we pride ourselves on providing our customers from around the world with the highest quality Australian meat.

For over 20 years our beef has been sought by Australia’s largest supermarket chains, top-end restaurants and corporate catering companies because they know they can rely on the consistency and quality of our product range.

We have achieved this success by choosing our beef from “the best of the best” our farmers have to offer from the premium pasturelands of NSW’s Upper Hunter, North West Slopes, Northern and Central Tablelands Northern Rivers, Riverina, Liverpool Plains and Queensland’s prime beef cattle regions.

One of our greatest strengths is our vertical integration. Makani purchases, processes, warehouses and distributes our own meat, giving us complete control over quality, quantity and price.

Our modern processing and packing plants are the envy of our competitors and ensures all Makani products are of the highest standards.We are continually improving our systems and are industry leaders in international best practice.

We are a company of conscience and place a strong emphasis on environmental issues by ensuring sustainable farming practices through regeneration of our pastures, erosion control, land improvement and protection of native wildlife.

Makani is an Australian Certified Organic wholesaler and is accredited by all Australian food safety organisations. This certification is awarded for flavour, juiciness and tenderness. Visual appeal and texture are also key considerations in the process.

Through our strong working relationship with our farmers and as a licensed supplier of premium beef, you can be assured that all our products have been produced according to strict quality control procedures ensuring you receive only the highest quality beef available in Australia.

Our superior hygiene and quality control guarantees our products are always in prime condition when they arrive on your doorstep.



Our reputation for guaranteeing value for money is recognised throughout Australia. We set our base margin and only change our prices according to market conditions. This means we always offer the very best pricing for prime quality Australian meat and present much better value than our competitors.

We are happy to answer all your questions about our products, pricing policy, delivery dates and customer benefits.



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